Grieving Wrong Turns

Every loss requires healing

Heather Martin (@cadenzacreates)
3 min readAug 12, 2023
Photo by Margaret Polinder on Unsplash

You may experience immense sadness
even when the “wrong” thing ends.
Relationships and roles that —
didn’t serve your true self
still played a real part,
shaping you now.
Grieving heals.
You can

Grief is confusing. One, it never follows a singular track; instead, it winds about cyclically — just when we think we’ve left anger behind — boom, we’re right back in it!

The path to acceptance is a rocky one. Twisting and turning, we must find our way toward it. Grief is personal.

Yet, like all things sacred to the individual — outside opinion lurks in the doorway, waiting to express itself in the most unhelpful manner, mandating:

how you should grieve and for how long,
who and what deserves your grief, even
where it is appropriate to feel the grief.

Some years ago, after I left a toxic, seven-year relationship — I shared my decision with a close friend. I’ll never forget the pure glee in her voice when laughing; she proclaimed, “That’s the best news; I am so happy for you!”